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Room Details:

Total 18 rooms including 2 Class rooms in campus.



1. Psychology Lab :

Our Institute has a Psychological Lab with good range of equipment, with a rolling programme to improve its quality and quantity. This includes standardized laboratory equipment, specialist equipment (e.g. polygraphs, eye-tracker and virtual-reality facilities).



2. Science Lab:

We have a Science Lab equipped with all the general equipments of Physics, Chemistry & biology. For Physics we have Mechanical Equipments, Electrical Apparatus &  Accessories, Electronic Apparatus, Measuring Instruments & others in our laboratories. For Chemistry we have clamps & stand, pH Meter, Temperature Meter & other equipments in our laboratories. For Biology we have slide Boxes, General Lab Requisites available in our laboratories.


3. Educational Technology Laboratory

We have a technical lab in our institute equipped with computers and internet facility for our students. Our technical lab is open for all students of our students. Our Technical lab is equipped with modern advance technology P-IV computers with advanced HP Color - Inkjet Printers. We are having 144kbps fast internet connectivity in our technical lab so that our students can work on internet with better speed.